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About Jampoo Union Corp.
Plasticizing Original Material

Jampoo Union Corp was originally established in the year of 1973. Beside the original business region of plastified materials, machinery, and major commodities, Jampoo has also added infant formulas, fodders, and construction business into its turf.

As the Earth’s increasingly crowded, resource shortage, environmental pollution and ecological destruction, Jampoo, the veteran of the International Trade Industry, committed to bring our planet to a better place to live. With the existing resources, Jampoo will introduce more green products to help with efficiency, less energy consumption, and reduce carbon footprint to the markets most in need. 

In order to provide a better place for our employees, Jampoo decided to relocate in Taichung City with pretty of sunshine year round. We will continuously serve our existing clients and suppliers around the world from this brand new office.

We are looking forward to the comments and corrections. At the meantime, our employees, regardless of the nationality, regardless of the age, are expected to be innovative and be proud of being one of us.


 Green Department
 NCK AdgreenEX Heat Insulation Coating

Adgreencoat the EX is a no modification coatings (surface coating) of the epoch-making paint. That is, only three of the project will complete the construction, it can reduce the construction funds and shorten the construction period. 


AdgreencoatEX can block light, heat, infrared, etc. It can be a little bit of heat energy for cooling, with its superior functionality. It let the surface temperature the same as Greenland temperature.


 Baby Feed
● HERO Baby Feed 
● FRISO Infant Formula
Adopta Baby Feed Series
The HERO group is important of the European food manufacturing industry. The HERO has brilliant history over 120 years. There are 18 brands under the HERO group. Its gross income 1,900,000,000 Swiss francs (approximately 1,800,000,000 US dollars). The growth is 6.3%. The HERO group has established in 100 years. The group has the state of the art technology, and it links up with the traditional food. The HERO groups have characteristic products and its products crosses the international and world.