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MOVA International Corp

Our MOVA globes can be customized to meet your request and to co-create an unique gift experience
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The MOVA Globes Brand Introduction Q & A

Our MOVA globes can be custom designed to
co-create an unique gift experience.



Institutions, companies, and schools are essential rewards for activities or competitions. No matter in sports competitions or cultural competitions, the organizers will award trophies to the winners as rewards.

Corporate Gift

In the events of opening ceremony, end of the year feast, large reception, anniversary celebration, grand meeting or activities, using MOVA globes as advertising gifts to attract the favor of different types of customers.

Souvenir & Gift

​Graduation gifts, Appreciation gifts, Retirement gifts, Creative gifts, Bar Mitzvahs, MOVA globe is a work of art in itself. From unique graphics to advanced mystical technology, each piece is handcrafted from premium materials, ensuring a first-class quality. When giving the gift to the heart, the MOVA globes are ideal for a perfect gift idea.


Award-Wining Product Design



MOVA lnternational Corp.

​Flr 3, No 28, Sec 2, Chongde Rd, Beitun Dist,

Taichung City, Taiwan 406


CS: 886-4-23500878



MOVA lnternational

9804 Alburtis Ave,

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

1-858 259-1370#310



MOVA Europe UG


Haswnbergsteige 14




Science VS Arts Powered by Green Energy= Automatic Rotating Globe


MOVA globes are inspired by our earth - the earth is suspended in space, and it has been rotating peacefully and stably for billions of years, providing all things with changes in day and night stars and a source of nourishment for life! Our dream when the brand was established in 2003 was to this earth-like, self-rotating and environmentally friendly copy of modern technology is displayed, allowing everyone to calm down for a moment at home, in the office and in the busy pace of life, and experience the endless life of the earth we live on through MOVA  globes Calm and strong, seeing the infinite potential of human innovation.

MOVA  globes do not need to be plugged in, do not need batteries, and only need indoor light sources and the scientific application of the earth's magnetic field to activate the ball series products of MOVA  globes; the combination of solar panels and patented ultra-low friction rotating mechanisms is hidden inside the ball; Quiet healing system rotates peacefully and is environmentally friendly without the blessing of external electricity. It not only helps the home or office environment to be full of vitality, but also helps people around to relax or meditate deeply.



MOVA globes moving forward as a Boutique    


MOVA Technology:

These works represent the state of the art in terms of technology and science, simulating the perpetual movement of ambient light and the Earth's magnetic field. As each MOVA globes are crafted for continuous rotation, MOVA creations express the detail, precision and craftsmanship developed in every aspect.


How they’re made: 

90% are handmade. Only the highest quality materials are used, including finely polished polymer resin hemispherical shells and liquid applications that create a friction-free space that simulates outer space, allowing our MOVA spheres to spin freely.


Inner Workings:

Complex motion mechanisms powered by ambient light are discreetly placed within each globe. Consisting of solar cells, magnetic elements and other proprietary components, it does not require any batteries and power cords for continuous rotation.


MOVA globes for indoor or outdoor?
 Although they contain light-powered drivers, MOVA globes are designed as interior decoration items and actually work best in ambient light. It is best not to expose MOVA globes to direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise it will cause the graphics to fade.
The amount of light required
   While the MOVA globes can rotate in any sufficient ambient light, fluorescent lights, LED lights, and indirect sunlight streaming through windows provide optimal lighting. We recommend avoiding high wattage halogen lights as they emit heat.
What'll happen to MOVA globe when there's no light source
  We like to say they have a sleep cycle like humans. The MOVA globes will slow down to a complete stop in the absence of adequate lighting, but will resume normal rotation once the lights come on again.
How long the MOVA globe lasts
Our MOVA globes are designed to run continuously. All of our products are handcrafted and assembled with high quality. We currently offer a one-year limited warranty, like most high-end power and technology products. The one-year warranty coverage is long enough to cover possible defects. Since the debut of MOVA globes in 2007, our products have been loved by countless customers. Our support team has always regarded any problems with the service as the top priority, and we will continue to fulfill this guarantee for consumers.
Hot to take a good care of MOVA globes
   MOVA globes require very little maintenance. To remove fingerprints and dust, rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents.
Why there's misalignment to my MOVA
        Since MOVA globes are handmade, the misalignment on the graphics can be up to 2mm. Graphic misalignment of up to 2mm is not considered a defect and will not be warranted for replacement.
Can MOVA globes be transported in an aircraft
   Due to the liquid contained in MOVA globes, they cannot be transported in an aircraft according to TSA regulations. They can be packed in checked checked boxes. However, we recommend always checking with TSA and your airline about any changes to their regulations before travelling.
Can MOVA globes be placed onto different bases
    OK. Any stand will work as long as there is enough grip to stabilize the spherical sphere so it doesn't fall off. Make sure the required base does not scratch the earth and is not magnetic as this will interfere with the MOVA's magnetic field and stop it from spinning. You also need to make sure that the bracket is not magnetized, otherwise it may also cause the MOVA globes to stop rotating.