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Jampoo Union Corporation, JUC, adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, diversity and win-win", and pursues the sustainable operation and growth of enterprises. Diversified operations and good at integrating various types of partners, committed to establishing far-reaching and long-term partnerships with business partners, and sticking to commitments to customers, suppliers and organizational members, pursuing win-win, and focusing on sustainable development.

  Jampoo Union Corporation, JUC, was founded in 2009 from the well-known Jampoo Corporation established in 1973. In addition to continuing the original petrochemical raw materials, mechanical equipment and bulk materials, the company has successively expanded the business of infant food, feed raw materials, real estate agency sales and agency business, and invested in the production and marketing of high-tech gifts in 2019.

   In view of the increasingly congested Earth environment, facing problems such as resource shortage, environmental pollution and ecological destruction, as a veteran of the international trade, we feel deeply the urgency of maintaining the susustanibility to the planet. Therefore, we decided to utilize the existing resources to introduce various tools that will help energy saving and carbon emission reduction. Out utimate goal is to be one of the members of a more environtal concious Earth resident to improve resource efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, and promote greener products to the world market.

   In the year of 2010, the company decided to move from Taipei City to its current location in Taichung City, where there is sunshine all year round and a dry climate, in order to provide employees with a better working environment, sunshine and air.

   We also hope that all company employees, regardless of nationality or age, will take innovation as their career aspirations and be proud to be a member of the JAMPOO Group. "Let's striving for excellence.”